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Laboratory Scope Summary
Analytical Environmental Services International, Inc.
Ady Padan - (787) 722-0220
611 Monserrate St.
Suite 2
Santurce PR, 00907
Accred. Period: 7/1/2018 - 7/1/2020
 EPA SOP for PB in Paints, Sept1991, PB92-114172
 EPA SW-846 6010C Modified
 EPA SW-846 3050 Modified
 EPA SW-846 6010C Modified
 EPA SW-846 7000B
  Settled Dust by Wipe
 EPA SW-846 3050B
 EPA SW-846 6010C
 EPA SW-846 7000B
 NIOSH 7082
  Airborne Dust
 EPA SW 846 7000B
 NIOSH 7082 Modified
 NIOSH 7300 Modified