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Laboratory Scope Summary
Travelers Industrial Hygiene and Forensics Laboratory
Tom Surveski - (860) 687-7414
90 Lamberton Road
Windsor CT, 06095
Accred. Period: 10/1/2019 - 12/1/2021
  Chromatography Core
  Gas Chromatography
 Dow Corning Method 006-02
 ISP Method and Procedure #MP-859-W
 NIOSH 1001
 NIOSH 1002
 NIOSH 1003
 NIOSH 1003 Modified
 NIOSH 1004
 NIOSH 1005
 NIOSH 1005 Modified
 NIOSH 1006
 NIOSH 1007
 NIOSH 1010
 NIOSH 1011
 NIOSH 1015
 NIOSH 1018
 NIOSH 1018 Modified
 NIOSH 1019 Modified
 NIOSH 1020
 NIOSH 1020 Modified
 NIOSH 1022
 NIOSH 1024 Modified
 NIOSH 1025
 NIOSH 1300
 NIOSH 1300 Modified
 NIOSH 1301
 NIOSH 1301 Modified
 NIOSH 1302
 NIOSH 1400
 NIOSH 1400 Modified
 NIOSH 1401
 NIOSH 1402
 NIOSH 1402 Modified
 NIOSH 1403
 NIOSH 1403 Modified
 NIOSH 1450
 NIOSH 1450 Modified
 NIOSH 1451
 NIOSH 1451 Modified
 NIOSH 1452
 NIOSH 1454
 NIOSH 1457
 NIOSH 1457 Modified
 NIOSH 1458
 NIOSH 1459
 NIOSH 1500
 NIOSH 1500 Modified
 NIOSH 1501
 NIOSH 1550
 NIOSH 1550 Modified
 NIOSH 1551
 NIOSH 1552
 NIOSH 1601 Modified
 NIOSH 1602
 NIOSH 1604 Modified
 NIOSH 1606
 NIOSH 1609
 NIOSH 1610
 NIOSH 1610 Modified
 NIOSH 1612
 NIOSH 1612
 NIOSH 1613
 NIOSH 1615
 NIOSH 1615 Modified
 NIOSH 1616
 NIOSH 1617
 NIOSH 1618
 NIOSH 1619
 NIOSH 2000
 NIOSH 2002
 NIOSH 2002 Modified
 NIOSH 2004
 NIOSH 2005
 NIOSH 2500
 NIOSH 2505
 NIOSH 2508 Modified
 NIOSH 2513
 NIOSH 2513 Modified
 NIOSH 2526
 NIOSH 2537
 NIOSH 2544 Modified
 NIOSH 2552
 NIOSH 5020
 NIOSH 5523
 NIOSH S155 Modified
 OSHA 04
 OSHA 1001
 OSHA 1002
 OSHA 1005
 OSHA 1009
 OSHA 101
 OSHA 1013
 OSHA 103
 OSHA 103 Modified
 OSHA 104
 OSHA 11
 OSHA 11 Modified
 OSHA 113
 OSHA 14
 OSHA 14 Modified
 OSHA 35
 OSHA 48
 OSHA 48 Modified
 OSHA 51
 OSHA 56
 OSHA 72 Modified
 OSHA 75
 OSHA 79
 OSHA 80
 OSHA 83
 OSHA 83 Modified
 OSHA 88
 OSHA 89
 OSHA 91
 OSHA 92
 OSHA 92 Modified
 OSHA 94
 OSHA 99
 OSHA 99 Modified
 OSHA In House File (4-phenylcyclohexene)
 OSHA In House File (o-chlorotoluene)
 OSHA PV 2040 Modified
 OSHA PV2003
 OSHA PV2011
 OSHA PV2011 Modified
 OSHA PV2013
 OSHA PV2016
 OSHA PV2019
 OSHA PV2020
 OSHA PV2021
 OSHA PV2022
 OSHA PV2025
 OSHA PV2028
 OSHA PV2036
 OSHA PV2041
 OSHA PV2042 Modified
 OSHA PV2043
 OSHA PV2060
 OSHA PV2077
 OSHA PV2081
 OSHA PV2090 Modified
 OSHA PV2091
 OSHA PV2095
 OSHA PV2098
 OSHA PV2100
 OSHA PV2101
 OSHA PV2106
 OSHA PV2108
 OSHA PV2123
 OSHA PV2124 Modified
 OSHA PV2130
 OSHA PV2133
 TIC-GC-01 (Various Compounds Collected on Charcoal Desorbed in CS2)
 TIC-GC-02 (Various Organic Compounds Collected on Carbon Molecular Sieve Tubes and Desorbed with Carbon Disulfide)
 TIC-GC-03 (Alcohols I)
 TIC-GC-04 (Alcohols II)
 TIC-GC-05 (Alcohols III)
 TIC-GC-06 (Alcohols IV)
 TIC-GC-07 (Methyl Methacrylate)
 TIC-GC-08 (Dibutyl Phthalate)
 TIC-GC-09 (Pyridine Collected on Charcoal Tubes)
 TIC-GC-12 (Vinyl Chloride Monomer – Charcoal Tubes)
 TIC-GC-13 (Methanol)
 TIC-GC-15 (1,3-Butadiene Collected on Charcoal Tubes)
 TIC-GC-16 (Vinyl Chloride Monomer – Carbosieve SIII Tubes)
 TIC-GC-17 (Glycols on OVS-7 Tubes)
 TIC-GC-18 (Carbitols on Charcoal Tubes)
 TIC-GC-19 (Methylene Chloride Collected on Carbosive SIII Tubes)
 TIC-GC-20 (Trimethylamine, Triethylamine, Cyclohexylamine, and Morpholine)
 TIC-GC-22 (1,2-Dimethoxyethane)
 TIC-GC-23 (Acrylonitrile)
 TIC-GC-24 (Dibasic Esters – Dimethyl adipate, Dimethyl gluterate and Dimethyl succinate)
 TIC-GC-26 (Acetonitrile on Charcoal Tubes)
 TIC-GC-27 (Phthalates Collected on OVS-Tenax)
 TIC-GC-28 (Ethyl Ether & Butyl Ether)
 TIC-GC-29 (4-Vinylcyclohexene)
 TIC-GC-30 (Ethyl-3-ethoxypropionate)
 TIC-GC-31 (Nicotine on XAD-2 or XAD-4 Tubes)
 TIC-GC-42 (Furfuryl Alcohol)
 TIC-GC-43 (Acetophenone by GC/FID)
 TIC-GC-44 (Aniline by GC/FID)
 TIC-GC-45 (Camphor by GC/FID)
 TIC-GC-47 (Diacetyl & Acetoin on Tandem Silica Gel Tubes)
 TIC-GC-48 (Freon 12/ Dichlorodifluoromethane)
 TIC-GC-49 (Diethyl Sulfate)
 TIC-GC-50 (Dimethyl Aniline)
 TIC-GC-51 (Dipropylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether)
 TIC-GC-52 (2,6-Di-tert-Butyl-p-Cresol)
 TIC-GC-53 (Dimethylacetamide & Dimethylformamide)
 TIC-GC-54 (Ethylene Chlorohydrin)
 TIC-GC-55 (Furfural)
 TIC-GC-56 (1,6-Hexanediol Diacrylate)
 TIC-GC-57 (Hexylene Glycol)
 TIC-GC-58 (Methyl n-Amyl Ketone)
 TIC-GC-59 (Methyl Alcohol on Anasorb 747 Tubes)
 TIC-GC-60 (Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime)
 TIC-GC-61 (Methyl Methacrylate on 4-tert-butylcatechol treated charcoal)
 TIC-GC-62 (N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidinone)
 TIC-GC-63 (Methyl Chloride)
 TIC-GC-64 (Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether)
 TIC-GC-65 (Styrene)
 TIC-GC-66 (Triethylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether)
 TIC-GC-67 (N-Vinyl-2-Pyrrolidinone)
 TIC-GC-68 (Vinyl Caprolactam)
 TIC-GC-69 (Vinyl Acetate)
 TIC-GC-70 (2-Hydroxyethyl Acrylate)
 TIC-GC-71 (2-Hydroxyethyl methacrylate)
 TIC-GC-72 (Benzophenone)
 TIC-GC-73 (Ethyl Lactate)
 TIC-GC-74 (Dimethyl sulfide / Dimethyl disulfide)
 TIC-GC-75 (Methyl Formate)
 TIC-GC-76 (Naphthalene)
 TIC-GC-77 (Nitrobenzene)
 TIC-GC-78 (Nitroethane)
 TIC-GC-79 (Propane)
 TIC-GC-80 (Dimethyl ethanolamine)
 TIC-GC-81 (Biphenyl)
 TIC-GC-82 (Ethyl Bromide)
 TIC-GC-85 (Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime)
 Union Carbide 38C-17G-TPG
 Various Acrylates Rohm & Haas Coporate Hygiene Laboratory Method IH9402
 3M OVM Sampling & Analysis Guide (Modified 3M Recommended Method)
 NIOSH 2543
 NIOSH 5503
 NIOSH 5517
 OSHA 1010
 OSHA 1012
 OSHA 1016 Modified
 OSHA 49
 SKC Passive Sampling Guide (Modified SKC Recommended Method)
 TIC-GC-11 (Ethylene Oxide Collected on HBr Coated Carbon Beads or Wafers)
 TIC-GC-25 (Polychlorinated Biphenyls)
 TIC-GC-35 (Hexachloro-1,3-butadiene)
 TIC-GC-36 (1,2,4-Trichlorobenzene by GC/ECD)
 TIC-GC-84 (Acetoin, Diacetyl and 2,3-Pentanedione)
 TIC-GC-41 (Triglycidyl Isocyanurate by GC/NPD)
 NIOSH 1600 Modified
 NIOSH 2542
 NIOSH 5034 Modified
 NIOSH 5038 Modified
 TIC-GC-37 (Ethyl Mercaptan and Methyl Mercaptan)
 TIC-GC-38 (Carbon Disulfide by GC/FPD)
 TIC-GC-39 (Triphenyl Phosphate by GC/FPD)
 TIC-GC-40 (Tributyl Phosphate by GC/FPD)
 TIC-GC-83 (2-Mercaptoethanol)
 3M OVM Sampling & Analysis Guide (Modified 3M Recommended Method)
 ASSAY Industrial Hygiene Sampling Guide (Modified Assay Recommended Method)
 NIOSH 1002 Modified
 NIOSH 1003 Modified
 NIOSH 1004 Modified
 NIOSH 1005 Modified
 NIOSH 1006 Modified
 NIOSH 1010 Modified
 NIOSH 1015 Modified
 NIOSH 1018 Modified
 NIOSH 1020 Modified
 NIOSH 1022 Modified
 NIOSH 1025 Modified
 NIOSH 1300 Modified
 NIOSH 1301 Modified
 NIOSH 1450 Modified
 NIOSH 1451 Modified
 NIOSH 1452 Modified
 NIOSH 1454 Modified
 NIOSH 1457 Modified
 NIOSH 1458 Modified
 NIOSH 1459 Modified
 NIOSH 1500 Modified
 NIOSH 1501 Modified
 NIOSH 1550 Modified
 NIOSH 1551 Modified
 NIOSH 1552 Modified
 NIOSH 1602 Modified
 NIOSH 1609 Modified
 NIOSH 1610 Modified
 NIOSH 1612 Modified
 NIOSH 1615 Modified
 NIOSH 1616 Modified
 NIOSH 1617 Modified
 NIOSH 1618 Modified
 NIOSH 1619 Modified
 NIOSH 4000 Modified
 OSHA 1001 Modified
 OSHA 1002 Modified
 OSHA 1004 Modified
 OSHA 1005 Modified
 OSHA 1009 Modified
 OSHA 103 Modified
 OSHA 11 Modified
 OSHA 111 Modified
 OSHA 113 Modified
 OSHA 14 Modified
 OSHA 48 Modified
 OSHA 79 Modified
 OSHA 83 Modified
 OSHA In House File (4-phenylcyclohexene) Modified
 OSHA In House File (o-chlorotoluene) Modified
 OSHA PV2011 Modified
 OSHA PV2028 Modified
 OSHA PV2036 Modified
 OSHA PV2042 Modified
 OSHA PV2090 Modified
 OSHA PV2091 Modified
 OSHA PV2098 Modified
 OSHA PV2100 Modified
 OSHA PV2124 Modified
 SKC Passive Sampling Guide (Modified SKC Recommended Method)
 WOHL Method (p-chlorobenzotrifluoride) Modified
  Gas Chromatography (Diffusive Samplers)
 3M OVM Sampling & Analysis Guide (Modified 3M Recommended Methods)
 ASSAY Industrial Hygiene Sampling Guide (Modified Assay Recommended Methods)
 NIOSH 4000 Modified
 OSHA 1001 Modified
 OSHA 1002 Modified
 OSHA 1004 Modified
 OSHA 1005 Modified
 OSHA 1009 Modified
 OSHA 111 Modified
 OSHA 48 Modified
 SKC Passive Sampling Guide (Modified SKC Recommended Methods)
 TIC-GC-14 (Solvents on Passive OVMs)
  Ion Chromatography (IC)
 NIOSH 2011
 NIOSH 3509
 NIOSH 6004
 NIOSH 6005
 NIOSH 6011
 NIOSH 6013
 NIOSH 6016
 NIOSH 6017
 NIOSH 7904 Modified
 NIOSH 7906 Modified
 OSHA 1019 Modified
 OSHA ID-110 Modified
 OSHA ID-111
 OSHA ID-113
 OSHA ID-120 Modified
 OSHA ID-182
 OSHA ID-188
 OSHA ID-190
 OSHA ID-202
 OSHA ID-211
 OSHA ID-212
 OSHA ID-214
 OSHA ID-215 Version 2 Modified
 OSHA PV2115
 OSHA PV2119
 OSHA PV2141 Modified
 OSHA VI-6 Modified
 OSHA W4001 Modified
 TIC-IC-01 (Inorganic Acids)
 TIC-IC-02 (Organic Acids)
 TIC-IC-04 (Hydrogen Sulfide)
 TIC-IC-05 (Sulfur Dioxide)
 TIC-IC-06 (Ammonia)
 TIC-IC-07 (Hexavalent Chromium)
 TIC-IC-08 (Chlorine, Bromine)
 TIC-IC-09 (Chlorine Dioxide)
 TIC-IC-10 (Iodine)
 TIC-IC-11 (Aminoethanol Compounds)
 TIC-IC-12 (Cyanides, Aerosol and Gas)
 TIC-IC-13 (Ozone)
 TIC-IC-14 (Particulate Fluorides and Hydrogen Fluorides)
 TIC-IC-16 (Nitric Oxide and Nitrogen Dioxide)
 TIC-IC-18 (Oxalic Acid)
 TIC-IC-19 (Sodium Azide and Hydrazoic Acid)
 TIC-IC-20-1017 (Hydrogen Peroxide)
  Liquid Chromatography
 OSHA 42
 OSHA 47
 OSHA PV2034
 OSHA PV2092
 TIC-LC-03 (Isocyanates)
 BP 27, 54501
 EPA 1P-6A Modified
 EPA Method TO-11A Modified
 French INRS Method
 NIOSH 2016
 NIOSH 2018
 NIOSH 236 Modified
 NIOSH 2540
 NIOSH 333
 NIOSH 5004
 NIOSH 5008
 NIOSH 5009
 NIOSH 5029
 NIOSH 5033
 NIOSH 5506
 NIOSH 5509
 NIOSH 5601
 OSHA 1007
 OSHA 105
 OSHA 108
 OSHA 25
 OSHA 28
 OSHA 32
 OSHA 34
 OSHA 39
 OSHA 40
 OSHA 41
 OSHA 55
 OSHA 58
 OSHA 60
 OSHA 64
 OSHA 81
 OSHA 87
 OSHA 90
 OSHA 98
 OSHA PV2004
 OSHA PV2005
 OSHA PV2012
 OSHA PV2014 Modified
 OSHA PV2053 Modified
 OSHA PV2093
 TIC-LC-01 (Aldehydes)
 TIC-LC-02 (Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons/PAHs)
 TIC-LC-04 (Acrylic Acid & Methacrylic Acid)
 TIC-LC-05 (Acrylamide)
 TIC-LC-06 (Captan)
 TIC-LC-07 (Amines Collected on XAD-7 tubes coated with 10% NBD Chloride)
 TIC-LC-09 (Phthalic Anhydride)
 TIC-LC-12 (Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons)
 TIC-LC-13 (Benzoyl Peroxide)
 TIC-LC-14 ( Ethylenediamine, Diethylenetriamine, Triethylenetetramine & Ethanolamine)
 TIC-LC-15 (4,4-Methylenedianiline)
 TIC-LC-16 (Maleic Anhydride)
 TIC-LC-17 (Hydroquinone)
 TIC-LC-18 (Pyrethrum)
 TIC-LC-19 (Pentachlorophenol)
 TIC-LC-20 (Phenylenediamine)
 TIC-LC-21 (Cyanoacrylates)
 TIC-LC-22 (Phenol, Cresols & Resorcinol)
 TIC-LC-23 (3,3’-Dichlorobenzidine)
 TIC-LC-25 (Trimellitic Anhydride)
 TIC-LC-26 (Abietic Acid)
 TIC-LC-28 (Bisphenol A & Bisphenol A Diglycidyl Ether)
 TIC-LC-30 (Catechol)
 TIC-LC-31 (Caprolactam)
 TIC-LC-32 (Folpet)
 TIC-LC-33 (Hydrazine)
 TIC-LC-39 (m-Xylyenediamine & p-Xylyenediamine)
 TIC-LC-40 (p-Nitroaniline)
 TIC-LC-42 (Peracetic Acid)
  Spectrometry Core
  Inductively-Coupled Plasma
 ASTM D7439 Modified
 NIOSH 5504 Modified
 NIOSH 6001 Modified
 NIOSH 6009 Modified
 NIOSH 7300 Modified
 NIOSH 7301 Modified
 NIOSH 7303 Modified
 NIOSH 7901 Modified
 NIOSH 9102 Modified
 OSHA ID 1006 Modified
 OSHA ID 121 Modified
 OSHA ID 125G Modified
 OSHA ID 130SG Modified
 OSHA ID 206 Modified
 OSHA ID-140 Modified
 OSHA ID-145 Modified
 TIC-ICP-MS-01 (Elements by ICP-MS)
 TIC-ICP-MS-02 (Mercury Vapor)
 TIC-ICP-MS-03 (Mercury Particulate)
 TIC-ICP-MS-04 (Arsine)
 TIC-ICP-MS-05 (Organotin Compounds)
 TIC-ICP-MS-06 (Beryllium Compounds)
 TIC-ICP-MS-07 (Platinum, Water Soluble Salts, as Pt)
 NIOSH 7300 Modified
 NIOSH 7301 Modified
 NIOSH 7303 Modified
 NIOSH 9102 Modified
 OSHA 1003 Modified
 OSHA 206 Modified
 OSHA ID 125G Modified
 OSHA ID 213 Modified
 OSHA ID-121 Modified
 TIC-ICP-01 (Elements by ICP)
 TIC-ICP-02 (Tungsten & Cobalt)
 TIC-ICP-12 (Tetraethyl Lead)
 TIC-ICP-13 (Phosphine)
  X-ray Diffraction (XRD)
 NIOSH 7500
 OSHA ID-142
 TIC-XRD-01 (Silica by XRay Diffraction)
  Asbestos/Fiber Microscopy Core
  Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM)
 EPA Interim Method for the Determination of Asbestos in Bulk Materials
 EPA Method for ID of Bulk Insulation Materials
  Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM)
 NIOSH 7400
  Miscellaneous Core
 ASTM PS 42-97
 NIOSH 0500
 NIOSH 0500 Modified
 NIOSH 0600
 NIOSH 5042
 OSHA 58
 OSHA ID-196
 TIC-GRV-01 (Total or Respirable Particulates)
 TIC-GRV-02 (Oil Mist)
 TIC-GRV-03 (Metal Working Fluids)
 TIC-GRV-04 (Cotton Dust in the Presence of Machining Oils)
 TIC-GRV-05 (Carbon Black)
 TIC-LC-02 (Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons/PAHs)
  Unique Scopes