Welcome to the AAT Data Entry System
Please enter your organization ID, Analyst ID, batch number and sample result data in the form provided below (Use the AAT Round Results Worksheet that accompanied your samples as a guide). Data are due by the deadline on the hard copy result form. Data WILL NOT be accepted after this date. To submit data, click the Submit button below. Once your submission has been accepted, you will be shown a confirmation page. Print this page for your records; it is the proof of your submission. Enter data in whole numbers only. NOTICE: If you submit data more than once, earlier entries will be overwritten and only the last submission will be analyzed!
The current round is AAT Round 126 RETEST which opened on 8/8/2018 and closes on 8/29/2018.
AAT Data Entry Form
Organization ID Analyst ID
Batch Number
Sample E Sample F Sample G Sample H
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